arrow-goldGeneral Guidelines for Fundraising for Lions Home for the Elders

The Societies Act (Chapter 311) as amended in August 1998 has since been effective from January 1, 1999. Amended Regulations in the Act are onerous and need close adherence especially those on financial administration. Voluntary organisations including Lions Clubs registered with the ROS should be particularly attentive and in having well documented accounts on funds raised from the public.


The Management Board of the Lions Home for the Elders (LHE) hopes that the following guidelines would assist its supporters and donors in the organising and planning to raise funds for the LHE.

Guidelines as listed below in Sections A, B, C, D and E are to:


1) enhance closer and productive co-ordination and liaison between donors and fundraisers with the LHE


2) enhance the transparency with regard to funds raised from the public


3) improve the mandatory filing process with accurate financial accounts to IRAS


4) avoid inadvertent contravention of any stringent ROS’ or relevant Authorities’ rules and regulations governing fundraising


Listed below are five sets of guidelines which broadly meet five common circumstances on fundraising. They are:


A) Raising Funds from the Public with LHE being the Sole Beneficiary


B) Raising Funds from the Public with LHE being one of the Beneficiaries


C) Fundraising Events Organised by LHE


D) Fundraising in Lions Clubs’ Functions with LHE being the Sole Beneficiary


E) Fundraising in Lions Clubs’ Functions with LHE being one of the Beneficiaries

arrow-goldSection A

Raising Funds from the Public
LHE being the Sole Beneficiary


a) Write to and seek confirmation with the Management Board of the LHE of intention and plan to raise funds under its name. Confirmation from the Management Board which may from time to time, depending on the nature of the event, includes compliance with statutory conditions and requirements from the relevant authorities, like police permit, etc.


b) Provide the Management Board:
(i)    the details of the fundraising event and the manner of which funds to be raised


(ii)   the projected sum to be raised


(iii)  the date on which the fundraising event commences and its duration


(iv)  the venue of the fundraising event, if applicable


(v)   the names of the two organising committee members who will co-ordinate with the LHE the progress of the fundraising event

arrow-goldSection B

Raising Funds from the Public
LHE being one of the Beneficiaries


a) As listed in Section A (a)


b) As listed in Section A (b), (i) to (v)


c) Provide the names of all the beneficiaries with respective percentages of the funds receivable by each of them

arrow-goldSection C

Fundraising Events Organised by LHE


a) The event will be chaired and organised by a member of the LHE’s Management Board


b) LHE as the administrator of the event will attend to the compliance of statutory and any stipulated requirements by the relevant Authorities


c) LHE will duly acknowledge and recognise respective Lions Clubs’ efforts and assistance rendered in the events. Such efforts and records will also be transmitted to the District Governor for his / her discretion on the evaluation of District’s Awards

arrow-goldSection D

Fundraising in Lions Clubs’ Functions 
LHE being the Sole Beneficiary


a) If the fundraising is an one-off item and being held during a Lions Club meeting / dinner, keep LHE informed of the event


b) It is necessary and important to inform all people present, especially if there are members of the public present, that LHE will be the beneficiary of the funds raised. Announce publicly of the total collections at the end of the event


c) All monies collected under the name of the LHE should be promptly paid into its account

arrow-goldSection E

Fundraising in Lions Clubs’ Functions
LHE being one of the Beneficiaries


a) As listed in Section D (a) to (c)


b) Provide the names of all the beneficiaries with respective percentages of the funds receivable by each of them


The above information is meant to serve only as guidelines. They inevitably cannot be exhaustive enough to cover all circumstances. Whenever any doubt arises, please make reference to regulations and rules governing fundraising from the public stipulated by the relevant Authorities like ROS and IRAS.


Issuance of tax-exempt receipts by LHE is governed by stringent rules as set down by the relevant approving Authorities, in particular the IRAS. Donors requiring such tax-exempt receipts need to provide LHE their full names, NRIC numbers and sums donated for accurate recording and correct issuance of the receipts. All cheques are to be made payable to “Lions Home for the Elders”.

Basic Regulations on Public Fundraising that apply to IPCs to be extended to Charities that Raise Funds Publicly 


a) Ensure that the total expenses incurred on public fundraising appeals in a financial year should not be more than 30% of total donations collected through the public appeals in that year


b) Have an independent examiner or auditor to certify whether the charities have met the 30 / 70 rule as part of their annual audits1


c) Submit an examiner or auditor’s report on the use of donation monies raised through public appeals and whether such use is in accordance with the charity’s objectives to COC no more than 6 months from the close of their financial year


d) Exempted from complying with 30/70 rule for house-to-house and street collections under the House-to-House and Street Collections Act and lotteries under the Common Gaming Houses (Exemption) Notification.


e) Ensure the information provided to donors, potential donors and the general public in their public appeals does not contain any misrepresentation or material omission that would lead to a conclusion of misrepresentation


f) Disclose the name of their organisation, intended use of funds and use of commercial third-party fundraisers during their public appeals


g) Disclose the total funds raised, fundraising expenses incurred and planned use of funds raised for each public fundraising event that raises $1 million or more. The disclosure should be done online at the end of each financial year (need not be audited or examined separately)


h) Maintain separate financial accounts for public fundraising events that raise $1 million or more, the accounts need not be audited or examined separately


i) Ensure adequate control measures for all collection instruments used in public appeals, e.g. serialise collection tins or pledge cards


j) Ensure that funds and donations raised through public appeals are used in accordance with donors’ intentions and the specific purpose as communicated when soliciting for donations


k) Respect donors’ confidentiality e.g. not to transfer donor lists or records without the donor’s prior approval, respecting wishes to remain anonymous and to be excluded from contact lists, etc


l) In a commercial third party fundraisers’ arrangement, all donations shall be made directly to the charity. Fees to the fundraisers shall be separately paid


m) Where a non-commercial third party fundraiser raises funds for or on the behalf of a charity, the third party fund-raiser should submit to the charity a statement of its expenses²


¹ IMC recommends that for this computation the charity shall include sponsorships both as expenses and donations when receipts have been issued.
² This is currently not a requirement for IPCs. The IMC in this report is recommending it to be a requirement for all IPCs.


To fundraise for Lions Home for the Elders, please complete the form below, print and send a signed copy to,


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Lions Home for the Elders Fundraising Form
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Please forward a copy of the Fundraising Event’s Budget to Lions Home for the Elders after the project accounts have been audited.
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Undertaking of Fundraiser
a) We, the fundraiser, will ensure that the fundraising event will be implemented properly, complying with all existing laws and regulations stipulated by the relevant authorities.
b) We will indemnify Lions Home for the Elders against any claims or losses arising whatsoever from the fundraising event.
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