Roles and Responsibilities of Governance Committee


The role of the Governance Committee of the Lions Home For The Elders (LHE) is to advise the Management Board on matters relating to the Board’s governance, structure and processes, the effectiveness of the Board and its members and to ensure that the Board fulfils its legal, ethical and functional roles and responsibilities.


Chair Chairman of LHE Management Board
Committee Members Members of LHE Executive Committee
Assisted and Supported by Chief Executive Officer


  • To ensure that Board policies and procedures are in place, periodically reviewed, and changes recommended as required.
  • To provide the process for succession of Board Members and Chief Executive Officer.
  • To review Board self-evaluation processes and make recommendations if needed to review Board development and policies.
  • To ensure that the Board, its committees and members comply with guidelines as set out in the LHE Board of Directors Handbook.
  • To ensure LHE complies with Corporate Governance Policies and Guidelines.
  • To assist the Board in periodically updating and reviewing its primary areas of focus based on the strategic plan, the annual board assessment, and with an annual review of a plan for board development in line with the organisation’s mission, goals, objectives, programmes and services.

Board Nomination and Election

  • Process and procedures for nomination, election and appointments to the Board shall be in compliance with LHE Constitution and By-Laws, and other legal requirements.
  • Ongoing recruitment of members with necessary skills / traits and strengths as Board members.

Frequency of Meetings

Five times a year.

Constitution and By-Laws 

For the full Lions Home For The Elders Constitution and By-Laws, please click here.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

LHE has in place the respective Codes of Conduct and Ethics (Codes) which are applicable to the Board, staff and volunteers. The Codes have been issued to ensure that its Board members, staff and volunteers are committed to maintaining high standards of professionalism, honesty and integrity in discharging their duties and responsibilities.

Communication Policy

LHE has a Communication Policy to effectively communicate matters relating to its mission, services, activities and programmes, and respond readily to requests of such information to the public, Ministry of Health, Lions Clubs of Singapore and other stakeholders.


LHE shall make continuous effort to build up a positive image and represent the interest of its residents in Bishan and Bedok Homes. The Management Board shall ensure that LHE does not engage in any form of party politics or misrepresent itself to the public. It shall avoid affiliation with organisations or companies that would damage the reputation of the organisation.


The Editorial Committee, along with the Corporate Affairs Department will assist Chairman of LHE in vetting all public relations and fundraising materials and press releases. The Chairman of Corporate Affairs Department will vet all information to be released to the mass media, before submission to the Management Board’s approval.

Investment Policy

LHE will only save its excess funds in low-risk investments in the form of fixed deposits. If there is any reasons for LHE to make any other investments, approval must be obtained from the Management Board before such investments are made.

Policy of Avoidance of Potential Conflict of Interest

LHE, including all its Directors and staff, shall avoid any conflict between their own respective personal, professional or business interests and the interests of LHE, in any and all actions taken by them on behalf of LHE in their respective capacities.


The Board of Directors reviews the conflict of interest policy annually and completes the Policy on Conflict of Interest and Declaration, Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement and Disclosure of Statement in January every year; key staff also declared conflict of interest at the beginning of the year.

Whistle Blowing Policy 

A whistleblower is an employee of the Lions Home For The Elders (LHE) who reports an activity that he/she considers to be illegal or dishonest to one or more of the parties specified in this Policy. The whistleblower is not responsible for investigating the activity or for determining fault or corrective measures.


If an employee has knowledge of or a concern of illegal or dishonest fraudulent activity, the employee is to contact our Past Chairman PDG Lion Isabel Cheong through email: The Past Chairman is responsible for investigating and coordinating corrective actions.


Whistleblower protections are provided in two important areas – confidentiality and against retaliation. LHE will not retaliate against a whistleblower. However, the whistleblower (employee) must exercise sound judgment to avoid baseless allegations. An employee who intentionally files a false report of wrongdoing will be subject to discipline action including termination. Any whistleblower who believes he/she is being retaliated against must contact the Past Chairman immediately.

Code Compliance 

The Lions Home For The Elders Code Compliance can be viewed on the Charity Portal, which is the fourth tab on the landing page in the link provided.