People volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some it offers the chance to give back to the community; for others it adds meaning to their daily lives. Offering to help is one of the most cherished acts of human kindness. By volunteering your time at our Homes – even for just one session – you can help brighten the lives of our residents and make that difference.


Tips to organising a Fruitful Visit to the Lions Home

Whenever Lions Clubs or other groups visit the Home, bringing along goodies, entertainment and delicacies, it is always a joy for the residents. The Home and its residents welcome these activities that help liven up the Home. To help visitors better organise their programme for the residents, here are some guidelines:


Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are from 3.00pm to 4.30pm. Lions Home at Bishan is available on Wednesday and Thursday. Lions Home Bedok is available on Monday only.



Spend some time chatting with the residents, or lend a listening ear. Very often, the residents lack someone to talk to, your sheer effort in making personal communication is well appreciated.



Organise simple song and dance performance lasting not more than an hour. Due to their medical conditions, most of the residents may not have the attention span nor the physical ability to enjoy long performance or activities.



Providing traditional delicacies or hawker fare helps the residents to relive the old days. However, do check with the co-ordinator from the Home on the dietary concerns of the residents before bringing the food.


Goodie Bags

Ang Pows, medicated oil, etc. are well loved by the residents. The co-ordinator from the Home would be able to help you determine what to include in your goodie bag.


Helping Hands

When organising an event at the Home, please ensure that you have enough manpower, and have briefed them sufficiently in helping the residents, e.g. helping those in wheelchairs, distributing food and goodie bags, and feeding the residents where necessary, etc. While the Home’s nursing and maintenance staff are available to help as much as possible, they do have their daily work schedule to adhere to.


We hope the above tips will help to make your planning easier and the visit a much more pleasant experience.